What is WA Web Plus



What is WA Web Plus



What is WA Web Plus



WA Web Plus is a Google Chrome browser extension, extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They enable users to tailor Google Chrome functionality and behavior to individual needs or preferences.

What is WA Web Plus used for?

WA Web Plus is a tool that extends WhatsApp Web application features and provide more powerful marketing and business tools that helps you communicate and respond to your customers faster and smarter!

How to use WA Web Plus?

As WA Web Plus is a Chrome extension, you must be using Google Chrome browser to use it. To install the extension to your Chrome, visit the link of WA Web Plus on the Chrome Store, and click “Add To Chrome”.

Once the extension is installed, a new green “plus” icon add_circle will appear in your browser toolbar, there is where you can open the extension from.

What are the features that WA Web Plus extends WhatsApp Web with?

  • Enhancements

    • Privacy Improvement Features

      • Blurring private information from the screen (contact names, conversations, photos… etc).

      • Playing voice messages and status posts without informing their senders that you played them.

      • Disabling the read receipts (Blue Ticks).

      • Hiding your “typing…”, "recording…" and “online” status.

      • Restoring deleted text messages.

      • Protecting your WhatsApp Web app with a password.

    • Customizations and Improvements

      • Like, and quick replies buttons.

      • Chat folders to filter your chats.

      • Translate and copy message buttons.

      • Notifying and highlighting online contacts.

      • Ability to start conversations with non-contacts.

      • Pinning unlimited chats!

      • Customizing chat window wallpaper.

      • Downloading users' status posts (images and videos).

  • Business Tools

    • Broadcasting: Sending customized messages to your customers.

    • Smart Replies: Highly customizable automatic replies.

    • Scheduled Messaging: Sending messages automatically at a specific date/time.

    • Groups Tools:

      • Cloning Groups.

      • Destroying Groups.

      • Groups Actions on specific leave or join events.

      • Bulk join Groups.

    • Contacts Synchronizing: Saving contacts to your phone directly from WhatsApp Web.

    • Click to Chat Generator: Customize a shareable link that customers can use to reach your WhatsApp directly.

    • CRM Integration: Export and import contacts from your favorite CRM software.

    • Webhooks: The ultimate power to integrate your WhatsApp with unlimited APIs and third-party services.

  • Exporting Tools

    • Export all contacts list.

    • Export all chats contacts list.

    • Export contacts from specific groups.

    • Export contacts from specific broadcasts.

    • Export contacts from specific labels.

    • Export contacts from specific countries.

  • Other

    • Contacts activity tracker (online/offline status).

    • General statistics.