A Webhook is simply a service that receives your data and process it in a certain way, then returns a response that you can use in your software. WA Web Plus Webhooks feature helps you to receive incoming WhatsApp data such as new messages, and send them to be processed or saved somewhere on your server or cloud system, then returns a custom response to the sender.

What Can I Do With Webhooks?

Literally, everything! You can write your own Webhook that returns the weather condition at a certain city if the sender asks to, or create your own chat agent that sets appointments to you Google calendar or posts the sender information to your CRM software.

Live Webhooks Examples

We’ve created four simple Webhooks to demonstrate how this feature works, and we covered the setting up process in another page that you will find at the end of this post.

1- Weather Webhook

A simple Webhook that connects to a third party weather channel to ask about the weather condition of a certain country or city, then automatically post a reply on WhatsApp to the user who asked about the weather:

2- Covid-19 Statistics Webhook

A very simple Webhook that connects to an official third party health statistics provider and pull the information about the Corona virus cases, then sending this information to the user:

3- Google Translate Webhook

Another simple and cool Webhook that translate any text from any language, to any other language, using the Google Translate service:

4- Wikipedia Webhook

A very smart chat agent Webhook that searches Wikipedia for a specific information, and return it to the user:

What Else Can I Do?

The options are unlimited, any third party API provider can be converted into a Webhook that helps your customer over WhatsApp, some ideas would be:

  • A shipment tracking service

  • A travel ticket booking service

  • A phone number verification service

  • A pizza ordering service

And of course, you can do your own custom Webhook if you have enough programing skills. In the following post, we have covered all the simple technical information that you need to know to be able to run this incrediable feature with your own WhatsApp account.

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