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Special Thanks

KDASthenerd, Abdulbaki, James, Tony Ventura, Gianmarco Calderón, Oscar Foianini, Alex @KamerSolution, Mücahid Köse and everyone who is contributing to make WA Web Plus a better tool!


Updates about new features and bug fixes

Version 4.5.3
  • Added ability to send vCards in broadcasting
  • Added ability to reply with vCards in Smart Replies
  • Added ability to hide the online status (Invisible Mode 👻)
  • Added plus (+) prefix to exported phone numbers
  • Added country column to exported contacts
  • Added last message date to exported contacts
  • Improved name field in exported contacts, if the user has no name, their WhatsApp account name is used
  • Added Emoji picker to status field
  • Fixed “Play audio messages without informing the sender” option was preventing to stop the played audio
  • Selected message templates and separation duration values are now saved and loaded automatically
Version 4.5.2
  • Fixed slow performance problem when activating “Notify online contacts” option
  • Fixed night mode not loading if WhatsApp loaded in an inactive tab (Thanks to Ángel)
Version 4.5.1
  • Fixed pinning group chats not working
  • Fixed missing French translations (Thanks to Alex)
Version 4.5
  • Added ability to hide the “typing..” status
  • Added ability to Pin unlimited chats to the chats list (not only 3)
  • Added scheduled messaging feature
  • Added group tools features (cloner and destroyer)
  • Added ability to change the interface language manually
  • Added ability to open the chat from the online notification toast
  • Fixed lock and restore deleted messages icons not showing
  • Fixed night mode not automatically activating on window load
  • Fixed a lot of minor bugs
  • Updated online notifier/detector to be more sensitive
  • Updated night mode to the latest version
Version 4.4
  • Fixed broken features after WhatsApp latest update.
Version 4.3
  • Added new subscription packages that are suitable to every business!
  • Added ability to export broadcasts
  • Fixed minor visual issues
  • Night mode variables are loaded remotely now! No more waiting to fix issues after every WhatsApp update.
  • More support fore manual updates to keep our service active as much as possible.
Version 4.2
  • Fixed a problem with Payment API that disabled users subscribtions
Version 4.1
  • Fixed posting media statuses issue (again)
  • Updated night mode to latest version
Version 4.0
  • A new easy and user friendly interface for premium tools
  • Added ability to include link previews and embedded video players in messages and replies
  • Added ability to lock Whatsapp Web with a password (Beta)
  • Added ability to track contacts online status
  • Added ability to edit saved replies
  • Added ability to accept photos and videos in the status sharing box
  • Added ability to show “typing…” status before sending replies
  • Added a new field to exported data to refer to contact’s country
  • Added a smarter native-like box to start chatting with new numbers
  • Added a help box with tips to fix payment issues
  • Added a nice pie chart box to statistics tab
  • Added the core of affiliate system to help users earn by referring
  • Added the core of a CRM integration system
  • Added the core of a scheduled messaging system
  • Added the core of new groups tools
  • Added French language support
  • Fixed group exporting issue
  • Fixed posting media statuses issue
  • Fixed attaching files with messages issue
  • Fixed loading wrong contacts list
  • Fixed WA Web Plus loading when Whatsapp Web starts
  • Fixed being unable to close WA Web Plus when clicking on the active chat
  • Fixed showing target groups that the user are no longer a participant of
  • Fixed the lag caused by long keywords list in auto replies
  • Fixed a lot of other minor bugs in the code and design
  • Updated online users identification method and design
  • Updated night mode to latest version
  • A new icon and brand graphics “Yay!”
  • A discount gift is also included in this version!
Version 3.2.5
  • Added ability to play audio messages without informing the sender “In Beta”
  • Added ability to edit automatic replies
  • Added a click listener to insert the automatic reply variables when they’re clicked
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the automation from working if a file is attached
  • Fixed a bug that prevented space-prefixed keywords from being triggered in auto replies
Version 3.2.4
  • Fix a bug that affected Automation tools after WhatsApp latest update.
Version 3.2.1
  • Added reactions, enjoy Facebook reactions in your WhatsApp conversations!
  • Added reply delay for automatic replies
  • Added ability to freeze chat list on message submission
  • Added date and time to exported contacts files
  • Extended automatic replies limit to 50
  • Fixed extension design conflict with another WhatsApp extension
  • Fixed design issues disabling ability to delete auto replies
  • Fixed a bug that caused auto replies to be sent several times at once
  • Fixed a bug preventing to blur contact names in groups
  • Updated night mode to latest version (Emoji Fix)
Version 3.2.0
  • Added ability to rotate several bulk messages to decrease the banning risk
  • Added ability to exclude groups from auto replies
  • Added ability to fully match the keyword before auto replying
  • Added ability to quote the sender’s message when auto replying
  • Added ability to include dynamic variables when auto replying
  • Added more separate duration values for bulk messaging
  • Added shortcut to chat with yourself to save personal notes
  • Maximized the limit of the free deleted messages restorations to 20
  • Fixed style issues in light and dark modes
  • Fixed currency typo in purchasing popups
  • Fixed a bug when deleting a message template
  • Fixed a bug when choosing wrong separation duration values
  • Fixed a bug in the design for RTL users that prevented users from using the app
Version 3.1.9
  • Fixed an issue when logging out or switching between WhatsApp Web instances.
  • Fixed Export tabs dropdown style issues
  • Fixed listing labels in the dropdown box within the Export tab
  • Fixed bulk sending issues when targeting labels and countries