Dear users, with the new WhatsApp Web update, a conflict prevented some functions from running. We fixed it and submitted a new version to the Chrome Store, and we're waiting for Google approval. Please stand by!
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Special Thanks

KDASthenerd, Abdulbaki, James, Tony Ventura, Gianmarco Calderón, Oscar Foianini, Alex @KamerSolution, Mücahid Köse, Ivan Subbotin, Ángel Krasimirov Stoyanov, Jonathan SG, Ricardo, Robert, Mateus, Vinicius Viper and everyone who is contributing to make WA Web Plus a better tool!

Version (22/04/2022)
  • Fix broadcasting feature after latest WhatsApp updates
  • Fix hightlight online contacts feature
  • Fix link/video templates not being sent (currently the link preview is not working because of the WhatsApp new Multiple-device version, it’s officially announced in their website, we’ll wait until they fix it)
  • Fix groups names not showing in Groups Tools
  • Temporarily disable “Group Destroy” function (using it causing to ban the account)
Version (17/03/2022)
  • Fix a bug prevented the app from running for some users
Version (17/03/2022)
  • New feature was added.. chat folders!
  • Fixed sticker generator after latest WhatsApp updates
  • Fixed sending vCards after latest WhatsApp updates
  • Removed the option to fix unread chats to the top
Version (10/03/2022)
  • Fix imported numbers validation function after latest WhatsApp Web updates
Version 4.8.6 (10/03/2022)
  • Fix broadcasting compatibility with the latest WhatsApp Web updates
  • Fix smart replies compatibility with the latest WhatsApp Web updates
Version (09/03/2022)
  • Fix group destroying function wasn’t working
  • Fix group duplication function wasn’t working
  • Fix chats freezing message on submission
  • Fix the green online indicator
  • Fix an error prevent unpinning group chats from the top
  • Fix groups duplicates finder wasn’t showing some groups names
  • Fix groups names were not showing in the exported file
Version (05/02/2022)
  • Bring back status posting feature 💁🏻‍♂️
Version (03/02/2022)
  • Fix broadcasting, webhooks and smart replies functions not sending messages
Version (02/02/2022)
  • Prevent sending messages to non-valid numbers
  • Fix sending messages from webhooks to groups after the new WhatsApp group’s IDs system
  • Fix editing smart replies wasn’t working when days or labels options are selected
  • Fix fixing the fixies that needs fixes to be fixed everytime 🥺🥵
Version (02/02/2022)
  • Fix number validating feature that has been temporary disabled in the previous version due to the recent WhatsApp Web updates
Version (27/01/2022)
  • Temporary disable the broken number validating function for multiple-devices beta users due to the latest WhatsApp updates
  • Fix broken buttons (quick labeling, saving, and quick replies)
  • Added last message (text, date, type and status) for some exporting functions
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes
Version (11/12/2021)
  • Fix querying link preview for non multiple-devices users
  • Fix sending videos wasn’t showing a playable file
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes
Version (10/12/2021)
  • Fix the sticky contact info sidebad feature
  • Fix mark chat as read feature in smart replies
  • Fix archiving chat feature in smart replies
Version 4.8.4 (27/11/2021)
  • Fix status download button not showing
  • Fix quick labeling button not showing
Version 4.8.3 (14/11/2021)
  • Fix contact info feature after latest WhatsApp Web update
  • Fix “send typing status” in smart replies after latest WhatsApp Web update
  • Fix “hide typing status” feature after latest WhatsApp Web update
Version 4.8.2 (09/11/2021)
  • Increase template attachment size to 10mb again
  • Fix online status indicator
  • Fix extension icon not taking to WhatsApp window
  • Fix broken replies and templates that has links inside its content (temporary disabled link preview)
  • Fix multiple typos in translation files
Version 4.8.1 (31/10/2021)
  • Fix sticker generator function after latest WhatsApp Web update
  • Fix webhook functions after latest WhatsApp Web update
  • Fix contact sync function showing a wrong name after latest WhatsApp Web update
  • Fix multiple typos in Portuguese translations
Version 4.8 (28/10/2021)
  • Fix broken functions after WhatsApp latest update
  • Initial support for WhatsApp multiple-devices BETA
  • Removed unread messages popup outside WhatsApp Web’s tab
  • Limit templates file size to 5mb to avoid browser crashing
  • Fix contact status function
  • Fix online contacts indicator
  • Other bug fixes
Version (03/09/2021)
  • Fix broken message sending function after WhatsApp latest update
  • Fix global settings import/export function wasn’t including the replies/templates
  • Other bug fixes
Version (22/08/2021)
  • Fix chat wallpaper for dark mode
  • Fix backup and restore functions crash the browser when the backup data is too large
  • Fix license key icon not showing at the footer section of the app for some users
  • Restore number validation function (currently works for non-beta users only, sorry folks)
  • Important Note: some functions won’t work with WhatsApp multiple-device Beta
Version (12/08/2021)
  • Added support for WhatsApp multi-device Beta
  • Fix native audio speeding was affected by some old functions
  • Fix status download button wasn’t showing
  • Fix contact status text wasn’t showing
  • Fix contact online indicator wasn’t showing
  • Fix labels list not querying  due to a new WhatsApp updates
  • Temporarily disable number validation before broadcasting due to new WhatsApp updates
  • Temporarily disable some statistics due to new WhatsApp updates
Version (09/07/2021)
  • Fix broken features after WhatsApp latest updates
  • Fix contact names blurring feature was missing some parts of the screen
Version (05/06/2021)
  • Fixing a nasty bug 🪲 prevented the app from running for some users, special thanks to Ricardo, Robert and Mateus for helping in the debug and investigation.
Version (04/06/2021)
  • Fix broken features after WhatsApp latest updates
  • Remove the audio speeding and night mode features, both of them are now available as native options in WhatsApp Web. (For night mode, go to Settings > Theme > Dark).
Version (07/05/2021)
  • General bug fixes
Version (07/05/2021)
  • Internal resellers features
  • Preparations for integration
  • Other bug fixes
Version (25/04/2021)
  • Fix incoming webhooks features not working
Version 4.7.5 (24/04/2021)
  • New feature: global export/import settings option
  • New feature: ability to list all the numbers using your license key
  • Sticker generator feature is back again!
  • Fix download status button not showing
  • Fix speed up audio messages not working
  • Fix license key icon not showing for old Google subscribers
  • Fix dynamic variables not working for labels targets
  • Fix broken sync function caused to loose saved settings
  • Fix a webhook issue with sending audio/binary messages remotely (thanks to Thales)
Version (25/02/2021)
  • Fix broken features after WhatsApp latest updates.
  • Temporary disable sticker generator until we fully fix it.
Version (30/12/2020)
  • New feature: webhooks now support sending messages to groups, read more here
  • New feature: archive the conversation after replying with smart replies
  • New feature: mark the conversation as read after replying with smart replies
  • New feature: contact info button (show country, time, currency… etc)
  • Fix: group destroy function not working
  • Fix: remove member from group duplicates finder was not working
  • Fix: multiple typos in Spanish translations
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes
Version (13/12/2020)
  • New feature: use * as keyword to trigger smart reply on every new message
  • Fix incoming webhook settings after Google’s last update (you might need to reconfigure webhooks)
  • Fix license key was being removed when the extension is uninstalled
Version (30/11/2020)
  • Fix restoring deleted messages broken function after WhatsApp’s latest update.
  • Open CRM integration features for LTD users.
Version (20/11/2020)
  • Fix broken features after WhatsApp latest updates.
  • Modification: whitelisted domain for webhooks
Version (10/11/2020)
  • Sticker Generator is back!
  • Fix importing templates not working
  • Fix settings are lost after refreshing the browser page
  • New option to delete all scheduled messages at once
Version 4.7.4 (06/11/2020)
  • Fix broken features after WhatsApp latest updates (Again 🙁).
  • Temporarly disable Sticker Generator feature
  • Fix password reset link not showing in dark mode
  • Fix heart “❤️” reaction not working after WhastApp latest update
  • Fix scheduled messages not triggering after WhastApp latest update

Important note: since we made new changes to fix the message scheduling system, you might need to reset your scheduled events (recreate them again).

Version 4.7.3 (05/11/2020)
  • Fix broken features after WhatsApp latest updates (Again 🙁).
  • Temporarly disable Calls Log feature
  • Enable Sticker Generator feature back
Version (03/11/2020)
  • Fix broken features after WhatsApp latest updates.
Version 4.7.2 (01/11/2020)
  • New feature: sticker generator! 😝
  • New feature: call logs
  • Fix password reset not working
  • Fix prevent sending messages to wrong numbers via webhooks
  • Fix prevent sending messages to wrong numbers in broadcasting
  • Fix license key wasn’t showing for Starter package users
  • Fix storage limit for message templates and smart replies, increased to 60 mb
  • Fix text message was not being sent if template type has attachments
  • Fix prevent scheduled messages actions from being triggered multiple times
  • Fix activity tracker not saving the log correctly
  • Added more seconds delay options to smart replies
  • Move payment processing to our website after Google Pay’s shutdown
  • Our affiliate system is back again, read more here
  • Read about our latest privacy policy updates, we got your back, we will always do

Important note: since we made new changes to improve our message scheduling system, you might need to reset your scheduled events (recreate them again).

Version 4.7.1 (26/09/2020)
  • Fix: smart replies now detecting a full keyword match
  • Fix: incoming webhooks wasn’t working with Brazilian numbers consisting of 13 digits
  • New feature: templates and smart replies now support all kind of file attachments (sorry for the size limit, it’s currently a must)

    Important note: you must reconfigure your message templates and smart replies that are using images and change them to “file” value instead of “image”.

Version 4.7 (24/09/2020)
  • Fix: extension not loading after latest WhatsApp Web update
  • Fix: scheduled messages was not loading on startup
  • Fix: incoming webhooks were not recognizing numbers of non-contacts (You must reconfigure your webhooks settings)
  • New feature: incoming webhooks now support media/files sending

Important note: Webhooks API structure has been changed and improved, you might need to reconfigure your Firebase settings in order to use the new features. (Read the new documentation here)

Version (09/09/2020)
  • Fix: incorrect number encoding is breaking the broadcast of imported numbers
Version 4.6.9 (09/09/2020)
  • New feature: option to enable/disable phone numbers verification before importing from a list
  • Fix: smart reply keywords not being detected properly
  • Modification: temporarily reverted list importing feature to copy/paste method
  • Modification: bring back Russian translation
  • Modification: whitelisted domain for webhooks


Version 4.6.8 (08/09/2020)
  • Fix: Importing Excel files not working
Version 4.6.7 (07/09/2020)
  • New feature: webhooks now works bidirectional (Public API Docs)
  • New feature: firebase no longer required for trusted outside webhook connections
  • New feature: added trusted outside integrations like Zapier, Pabbly, Integrately and Integromat
  • New feature: smart replies now support images
  • New feature: scheduled messages now support images
  • New feature: quick replies now support images
  • New feature: automatic chat label by smart reply
  • New feature: disable smart reply in active chats
  • New feature: block sender by smart reply keyword
  • New feature: password reset option
  • New feature: importing contacts from excel sheets now supports a dynamic field
  • New feature: group actions support message templates (must resave your settings)
  • New feature: maximize WhatsApp window on large screens (full-screen mode)
  • Fix: pin unread chats affecting browser performance
  • Fix: duplicate smart replies triggering issue
  • Fix: unable to add question mark in text-areas
  • Fix: broken vcards sending feature
  • Modification: webhook response received in plain text instead of json
  • Modification: we temporarily disabled the feature of verifying imported numbers before broadcasting
  • Modification: payment system has been moved outside Google Pay, PayPal support added
  • Important note: We’ve updated our packages prices, this update will not affect the old subscribes. If you’re already subscribed, you will keep paying the same value that you’ve paid before this change, please try not to loose your subscription, once canceled or lost, you will never be able to resubscribe with the same price again.
Version 4.6.6 (26/07/2020)
  • Restore unlimited deleted messages! It’s free now!
  • New feature: ability to download users status photo/video
  • New feature: click to chat link generator
  • New feature: Webhooks! The unlimited power of WA Web Plus “Beta” Read more
  • New feature: repeat scheduled messages action for a selected amount of days
  • New feature: specify which groups a smart reply is allowed to work in
  • New feature: specify which days of the week a smart reply is allowed to work on
  • New feature: pin unread chats to the top of the chats list
  • New feature: list report about rejected/invalid numbers while importing from a list
  • Fix preventing start broadcasting if no targets are selected
  • Fix scheduled messages date picker not setting value on click date/time click
  • Fix scheduled messages not able to be saved at some cases
  • Fix incompatibility with some other Chrome extensions
  • Fix an error prevented editing vCard smart replies and message templates
  • Fix an error prevented replacing {G} dynamic variable if it was used multiple times
  • Fix an error caused to mix up the contacts names in WhatsApp after saving the contact to phone
  • Fix an error caused to lose the selected message template after editing it
  • Increased maximum allowed smart replies count to 200
  • Improved compatibility with multi-session extensions
Version 4.6.5 (07/07/2020)
  • Fixed minor bugs and improved performance
Version 4.6.4 (02/07/2020)
  • Fixed groups tools are not working
  • Fixed missing translation strings
Version 4.6.3 (01/07/2020)
  • Added ability to disable a smart reply instead of deleting it
  • Added new groups tool: duplicates finder to track duplicated users across all groups
  • Fixed groups tools options wasn’t showing all groups that the user is admin of
  • Other major bug fixes and performance improvements
Version 4.6.2 (22/06/2020)
  • Fix a bug in “restore deleted messages” subscription prevented subscribed users from using this feature
  • Fix “freeze chats list on message submission” not working with quick replies
  • Fix groups with “admins only” rule can not be exported
  • Fix design issues in night mode
  • Due to users misbehaviors we made changes to our packages related to allowed users per license (old subscribers are not affected)
Version 4.6.1 (12/06/2020)
  • Restore broken feature “Freeze chats list on message submission”
  • Fixed contacts exporting issues
  • Fixed license verification issues
  • Fixed “Disable Read Receipts” issues
  • Fixed emoji picker icon not showing in night mode
  • Fixed wrong online indicator when scrolling the chats list
  • Fixed notifications color in night mode
Version 4.6 (06/06/2020)
  • Added ability to view statuses without informing the poster
  • Added ability to disable read receipts (Blue ticks)
  • Added ability to speed up audio messages playback
  • Added animated reactions
  • Added a better dark mode system
  • Added a security layer to check WhatsApp account existence before messaging
  • Added HubSpot CRM integration (Beta) – Read more
  • Added ability to save contacts to your phone from WhatsApp Web directly (Beta) – Read more
  • Added ability to save contacts to your HubSpot CRM from WhatsApp Web directly (Beta) – Read more
  • Added groups actions to send messages according to users leaving or joining actions (Beta)  Read more
  • Added bulk group joining option from an existing list of links (Beta)  Read more
  • Added Labels option to exported chats lists
  • Added last message text option to exported chats lists
  • Added last message status option to exported chats lists
  • Added last message type option to exported chats lists
  • Added ability to import and export message templates
  • Added ability to import and export smart replies
  • Added ability to quickly label chats from the chat window
  • Added ability to use Spintax in broadcasting, smart replies and groups actions  Read more
  • Added a better subscription manager to user licenses
  • Added quick replies bar above the chat input box
  • Added Russian language interface
  • Increased maximum reply count to 150
  • Increased maximum message templates count to 150
  • Increased limit of all searchable drop-downs results to 20
  • Improved contacts importing method
  • Improved extension settings handling, you’ll never loose your settings anymore
  • Fixed an error preventing from choosing own vCard in templates
  • Fixed an error in the dynamic variables prevented replacing all the variable occurrences
  • Fixed an error in multiple users packages
  • Fixed an error in smart replies that prevented auto replying to non contacts
  • Fixed an error in status sharing prevented posting multilines messages
  • Fixed reactions unable to quote selected messages
  • Fixed Emoji picker unreachable icons overlapping the window
  • Fixed mistakes in Turkish translations
  • Fixed mistakes in Spanish translations
  • Fixed detecting new added or removed labels
  • Fixed lots of other minor bugs and improved extension stability
  • Updated notification system and added a sound effect
Version 4.5.3 (11/04/2020)
  • Added ability to send vCards in broadcasting
  • Added ability to reply with vCards in Smart Replies
  • Added ability to hide the online status (Invisible Mode 👻)
  • Added plus (+) prefix to exported phone numbers
  • Added country column to exported contacts
  • Added last message date to exported contacts
  • Improved name field in exported contacts, if the user has no name, their WhatsApp account name is used
  • Added Emoji picker to status field
  • Fixed “Play audio messages without informing the sender” option was preventing to stop the played audio
  • Selected message templates and separation duration values are now saved and loaded automatically
Version 4.5.2 (02/04/2020)
  • Fixed slow performance problem when activating “Notify online contacts” option
  • Fixed night mode not loading if WhatsApp loaded in an inactive tab (Thanks to Ángel)
Version 4.5.1 (01/04/2020)
  • Fixed pinning group chats not working
  • Fixed missing French translations (Thanks to Alex)
Version 4.5 (31/03/2020)
  • Added ability to hide the “typing..” status
  • Added ability to Pin unlimited chats to the chats list (not only 3)
  • Added scheduled messaging feature
  • Added group tools features (cloner and destroyer)
  • Added ability to change the interface language manually
  • Added ability to open the chat from the online notification toast
  • Fixed lock and restore deleted messages icons not showing
  • Fixed night mode not automatically activating on window load
  • Fixed a lot of minor bugs
  • Updated online notifier/detector to be more sensitive
  • Updated night mode to the latest version
Version 4.4 (27/03/2020)
  • Fixed broken features after WhatsApp latest update.
Version 4.3 (21/03/2020)
  • Added new subscription packages that are suitable to every business!
  • Added ability to export broadcasts
  • Fixed minor visual issues
  • Night mode variables are loaded remotely now! No more waiting to fix issues after every WhatsApp update.
  • More support fore manual updates to keep our service active as much as possible.
Version 4.2 (25/02/2020)
  • Fixed a problem with Payment API that disabled users subscriptions
Version 4.1
  • Fixed posting media statuses issue (again)
  • Updated night mode to latest version
Version 4.0
  • A new easy and user friendly interface for premium tools
  • Added ability to include link previews and embedded video players in messages and replies
  • Added ability to lock Whatsapp Web with a password (Beta)
  • Added ability to track contacts online status
  • Added ability to edit saved replies
  • Added ability to accept photos and videos in the status sharing box
  • Added ability to show “typing…” status before sending replies
  • Added a new field to exported data to refer to contact’s country
  • Added a smarter native-like box to start chatting with new numbers
  • Added a help box with tips to fix payment issues
  • Added a nice pie chart box to statistics tab
  • Added the core of affiliate system to help users earn by referring
  • Added the core of a CRM integration system
  • Added the core of a scheduled messaging system
  • Added the core of new groups tools
  • Added French language support
  • Fixed group exporting issue
  • Fixed posting media statuses issue
  • Fixed attaching files with messages issue
  • Fixed loading wrong contacts list
  • Fixed WA Web Plus loading when Whatsapp Web starts
  • Fixed being unable to close WA Web Plus when clicking on the active chat
  • Fixed showing target groups that the user are no longer a participant of
  • Fixed the lag caused by long keywords list in auto replies
  • Fixed a lot of other minor bugs in the code and design
  • Updated online users identification method and design
  • Updated night mode to latest version
  • A new icon and brand graphics “Yay!”
  • A discount gift is also included in this version!
Version 3.2.5
  • Added ability to play audio messages without informing the sender “In Beta”
  • Added ability to edit automatic replies
  • Added a click listener to insert the automatic reply variables when they’re clicked
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the automation from working if a file is attached
  • Fixed a bug that prevented space-prefixed keywords from being triggered in auto replies
Version 3.2.4
  • Fix a bug that affected Automation tools after WhatsApp latest update.
Version 3.2.1
  • Added reactions, enjoy Facebook reactions in your WhatsApp conversations!
  • Added reply delay for automatic replies
  • Added ability to freeze chat list on message submission
  • Added date and time to exported contacts files
  • Extended automatic replies limit to 50
  • Fixed extension design conflict with another WhatsApp extension
  • Fixed design issues disabling ability to delete auto replies
  • Fixed a bug that caused auto replies to be sent several times at once
  • Fixed a bug preventing to blur contact names in groups
  • Updated night mode to latest version (Emoji Fix)
Version 3.2.0
  • Added ability to rotate several bulk messages to decrease the banning risk
  • Added ability to exclude groups from auto replies
  • Added ability to fully match the keyword before auto replying
  • Added ability to quote the sender’s message when auto replying
  • Added ability to include dynamic variables when auto replying
  • Added more separate duration values for bulk messaging
  • Added shortcut to chat with yourself to save personal notes
  • Maximized the limit of the free deleted messages restorations to 20
  • Fixed style issues in light and dark modes
  • Fixed currency typo in purchasing popups
  • Fixed a bug when deleting a message template
  • Fixed a bug when choosing wrong separation duration values
  • Fixed a bug in the design for RTL users that prevented users from using the app
Version 3.1.9
  • Fixed an issue when logging out or switching between WhatsApp Web instances.
  • Fixed Export tabs dropdown style issues
  • Fixed listing labels in the dropdown box within the Export tab
  • Fixed bulk sending issues when targeting labels and countries
Broken Functions

Below is a list of the recently broken functions that we are working to fix and bring back to life as soon as possible:

  • Play audio messages privately
  • View statuses privately
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