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With WA Web Plus, it’s easy to automate reply process to your customers frequently asked questions, it saves you a lot of your valuable time.

To setup the Smart Replies functionality for your WhatsApp account, open “Smart Replies” section, and click “Add Reply” button.

First, give your reply a name to easily manage it later.

Write the expected keywords that your customers frequently ask you about. For a pizza store, we added the possibility to answer customers automatically when they ask about the price.

You can use Dynamic Variables in Smart Replies, dynamic variables are placeholders that will be replaced with real values when the message is sent. For example, if the someone called “John” messaged you, you can setup the Smart Reply to return an answer with John’s name:

Hello {C}! welcome to our Pizza Store.

Hello John! welcome to our pizza Store.

For a more human-like activity, you can simulate the “typing…” status to give an impression to your customers that a human being is replying to them. You can also delay the reply for a selectable amount of seconds instead of answering immediately, people hates robots 🤖.

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