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If you are a partner and already joined our Affiliate Program, here are some tips for the correct way to share your affiliate link and earn money!

Make sure your targets already have WA Web Plus installed

As the Chrome Store is unable to detect the affiliate link and award you the credits, WA Web Plus can, so it’s necessary to have it installed on your targets browser before they subscribe.

Send your link on WhatsApp Web

If you’re a marketing course trainer or a public IT speaker, make sure you invite your trainers or customers via WhatsApp to join your webinar or live show, with your customized affiliate link.

Choosing and customizing your best link

You can always customize your affiliate link according your current business role, so if you are giving your customers a valuable content, here are some advices to follow:

  • Customizing The Link

Customizing your affiliate link is very easy, choose any link that reflects your business or the content you want to share with people, and add your affiliate code link as a parameter to the link that you’re sharing, and WA Web Plus will take care of the rest! You can find more details about this in your Partners area.

  • Bloggers

If you’re a blogger who writes content, you can introduce WA Web Plus to your followers, explain how it works and recommend it to them. After you make sure they’ve got it installed, invite them to your WhatsApp group and share your affiliate link with them.

  • YouTubers

If you make YouTube videos, film about WA Web Plus, recommend it to your followers and explain to them how powerful tool it is, encourage them to join your WhatsApp group and share your affiliate link with them.

  • Trainers and Marketers

Course training and online marketing have never been easier since WhatsApp is the largest chatting platform these days, and most of the trainers and marketers use it ro communicate directly with the end customers. Make sure to pass your affiliate link to the WhatsApp group of your customers.

  • Social Media Geeks

If you’re a social media geek, and your preferred platforms are Facebook or Instagram, so it’s propaply that your friends on those platforms are using WhatsApp, share your affiliate link with them to recommend WA Web Plus!

But, Wait! Why would you invite your customers or followers again to use your affiliate link, if they already have WA Web Plus?

Because your affiliate link is a discount code!

You probably wondered why would your customers follow your affiliate link, and here we go.. you will offer them a discount coupon that they won’t resist!


Starting from version 4.6, we will include a hidden trick to credit your customers a discount code that they’ll thank you for. In your content that can be read from your affiliate link share this trick with them: Simply advice them to open WA Web Plus and click the secret buttons (You can know them in your Partners area) while they’re browsing the “Packages” table, and they’ll be able to subscribe to WA Web Plus with a 10% discount!

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