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Broadcasting is a feature that allows you to send multiple messages to several filtered contacts at once, giving you the option to specifically choose your targeted customers.

To start a broadcasting process, follow the 3 easy steps below:

1- Create one or more message templates:

  • In the “Broadcasting” section hit the “Add Template” button, give your template a name so that you can easily refer to it later.
  • Choose your message type then insert your message content.
  • Click “Save Template”.
  • Select the message template you just created from the dropdown.

2- Select your target contacts:

Choose the WhatsApp accounts you want to send the message template to. You have the options to choose between targeting your contacts, groups, labeled chats, broadcasts, countries or even import your custom Excel sheet list.

3- Go!

You can pick two random numbers as a separation duration between every message, to reduce the possibility of getting caught as a spammer.

Click “Start Messaging” to start the broadcasting process, a red border will blink to inform you that the messaging is in progress, you can stop the operation anytime by clicking the red “Timer” icon in the header. While broadcast process is running, you can freely use WhatsApp Web as it is not.

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